• Tests tests tests!


    What good is having a large chunk of code without having any tests to make sure it works in all cases? This update includes some tests to check edge cases of the ,remindme command for correct formatting and tests for... [Read More]
  • Excess Removal


    In the 4 months of development of CS-Pound a racked up a lot of unused code or temporary code that has been used to create the bot commands, this update focuses to do some code refactoring and cleaning up some... [Read More]
  • Small Updates


    Just some small quality of life changes made to the bot. A note has been added to Remind-Me’s help page to show that reminders made with Remind-Me cannot be removed due to how the code for the command has been... [Read More]
  • Oekaki!


    Another new command to add to the list! This time it’s the ,oekaki command! Sometimes when users showcase their oekaki drawings, they usually either upload the drawing itself or send a link. The ,oekaki command not only shows the drawing,... [Read More]
  • New image command!


    I’ll be honest, no one really uses ,pet2. It’s much slower than ,pet and has many bugs. So I would like to announce the removal of ,pet2 in favour of the new ,image command! While there is also a chance... [Read More]
  • Help is now categorised!


    Currently the ,help command is just a long list of commands, but now they have been updated! They are now categorised by Chicken Smoothie related, general or information commands. This should hopefully make it easier to look for the commands... [Read More]
  • Statistical stats


    At the moment the only statistical information the bot has is the current version of the bot, displayed in the playing status. Some of the other bots I have been looking at have a specific command that shows many of... [Read More]
  • New beta pet command!


    Finally an update that isn’t a small patch! I would like to reveal the new command, ,pet2! Just ignore my horrible naming creativity and hear me out. A problem with the current ,pet command is that the embed that it... [Read More]
  • Another patch!


    I don’t think these small patches will ever end… Anyways, this update brings some small changes to all the commands. Currently, the title of the embed shown in the ,pet command is just a generic ‘Pet’. With this update it... [Read More]
  • Bot improvements


    Another small patch that mainly focuses on the ,pet command not working with pets that have items on them. This is because the link for pets with items is different from normal pet images, which I didn’t account for. But... [Read More]
  • Remind Me bug fixes


    This update is just a quick patch to fix a major issue to Remind Me. It turns out that super long Remind Me times and CS Pound do not work well together, causing it to crash when one is set.... [Read More]
  • Useful pet links!


    Whenever you post any Chicken Smoothie into Discord, there are no embeds like what you would get with YouTube or Twitch links. To partially solve there, I reveal to you the ,pet command! Passing a link to a pet through... [Read More]
  • Remind Me please!


    Using some async code trickery I have created the Remind Me command! Combining it together with the ,time command, now you can technically have the bot ping you a few minutes before the pound opens! [Read More]
  • Development begins!


    The message is the one that sparked my interest into creating a Discord bot. It’s kinda funny how it originated from my own message… Anyways, let the development begin! [Read More]