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20 Mar 2018

Ver. 1.6

Another new command to add to the list! This time it’s the ,oekaki command! Sometimes when users showcase their oekaki drawings, they usually either upload the drawing itself or send a link. The ,oekaki command not only shows the drawing, but also the name and link to the artist!

Other changes in this update include an error message if a PM cannot be sent. Recently I have received a few messages from users saying that calling ,help didn’t send a PM. It turns out the cause was due to users having ‘Allow direct mesages from server members’ option turned off. I have also fixed a typo with the ,help embed title being ‘Support’ instead of ‘Help’.

The ,statistics command also received a small update, with updates to formatting of the bot and system uptime text.


  • Added ,oekaki command
  • Added error message when bot is unable to send user a PM
  • Improved bot and system uptime format in ,statistics
  • Fixed embed title on ,help command showing ‘Support’ instead of ‘Help’

Command Usage

,oekaki <Oekaki URL>
,help oekaki