CS-Pound is a Discord bot for the virtual pet adoption website Chicken Smoothie. It provides features such as identifying pets and items as well as knowing pound opening times straight from Discord.

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Note: The News command is still in development. You may use the command in your servers but be aware that this command could be changed or removed at any time.


Auto Remind Setup a reminder that will automatically ping you a specified amount of minutes everytime before the Pound or Lost & Found opens
Remind Me A reminder that will ping you after a specified amount of time
Poundpets Creates an image of some of the rares that will appear in the Pound
Identify Identify which year and month a pet or item was released
Time A message telling you how much time is left until Pound or Lost & Found opens
Flight Rising Commands relating to currency conversion to Flight Rising and progeny
News Allows you to show or opt in to announcements on the Chicken Smoothie
Image Displays a pet link as an image how you would see it in your pet groups
Pet Displays information about the pet from the provided link
Giveaway Run simple giveaways similar to Giveaway Bot
Invite Sends a link to this website
Support Sends a link to the CS Pound Development Server where you can provide suggestions or report problems
Help Displays the help message of all or a specific command.

...and more!

Updates and Changelogs

Tests tests tests!


What good is having a large chunk of code without having any tests to make sure it works in all cases? This update includes some tests to check edge cases of the ,remindme command for correct formatting and tests for... [Read More]
Tags: Update Test

Excess Removal


In the 4 months of development of CS-Pound a racked up a lot of unused code or temporary code that has been used to create the bot commands, this update focuses to do some code refactoring and cleaning up some... [Read More]

Small Updates


Just some small quality of life changes made to the bot. A note has been added to Remind-Me’s help page to show that reminders made with Remind-Me cannot be removed due to how the code for the command has been... [Read More]



Another new command to add to the list! This time it’s the ,oekaki command! Sometimes when users showcase their oekaki drawings, they usually either upload the drawing itself or send a link. The ,oekaki command not only shows the drawing,... [Read More]

New image command!


I’ll be honest, no one really uses ,pet2. It’s much slower than ,pet and has many bugs. So I would like to announce the removal of ,pet2 in favour of the new ,image command! While there is also a chance... [Read More]