I don’t think these small patches will ever end… Anyways, this update brings some small changes to all the commands. Currently, the title of the embed shown in the ,pet command is just a generic ‘Pet’. With this update it now shows “[Owner]’s Pet”, which is hopefully better. I have also fixed a new issue with ,pet, this time with PPS pets. Because there is no API for Chicken Smoothie, I’m just pulling everything as is off the pet link. PPS pets have an extra row at the top showing that it is a PPS pet, which broke the code I had written to read off each row. I have now accommodated for that and it should work now!

As for the ,time command, I often browse through #pound-talk or #commands channels in CS servers to see how users are using the commands and if any bugs will appear. While browsing for some reason I see users trying to call the ,time command with ,pound instead, which makes sense, but doesn’t work. This update now allows both ,time and ,pound to be able to be used to check the pound times!

The changes for ,remindme is only a small fix to it only working with lowercase letters. Now it can work with uppercase letters or even a mix of both!

Pound Alias


  • Added owner’s name to ,pet command’s embed title
  • Added ,pound alias for ,time command
  • Fixed PPS pets not working with ,pet command
  • Fixed capitalised letters not working with ,remindme command

Command Usage

,remindme <XH|XM|XS>