Finally an update that isn’t a small patch! I would like to reveal the new command, ,pet2! Just ignore my horrible naming creativity and hear me out. A problem with the current ,pet command is that the embed that it sends isn’t something that you can just glance at and understand, it takes a bit of time to read the fields. This new beta ,pet2 command hopefully fixes this. Rather than trying to accomodate to Discord’s style, it would send an image that replicates what you would see on the pet page. The only problem to solve now is how to make the owner and given by link clickable…

In other news, the new ,pet2 command as well as ,pet will now display error messages if the link to the pet that you sent is invalid, rather than just not reply with anything.

New Pet Command!


  • Added ,pet2 command
  • Added error messages for ,pet and ,pet2

Command Usage

,pet2 <Pet URL>