Another new command to add to the list! This time it’s the ,oekaki command! Sometimes when users showcase their oekaki drawings, they usually either upload the drawing itself or send a link. The ,oekaki command not only shows the drawing,... [Read More]

New image command!


I’ll be honest, no one really uses ,pet2. It’s much slower than ,pet and has many bugs. So I would like to announce the removal of ,pet2 in favour of the new ,image command! While there is also a chance... [Read More]

Help is now categorised!


Currently the ,help command is just a long list of commands, but now they have been updated! They are now categorised by Chicken Smoothie related, general or information commands. This should hopefully make it easier to look for the commands... [Read More]
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Statistical stats


At the moment the only statistical information the bot has is the current version of the bot, displayed in the playing status. Some of the other bots I have been looking at have a specific command that shows many of... [Read More]