Whenever you post any Chicken Smoothie into Discord, there are no embeds like what you would get with YouTube or Twitch links. To partially solve there, I reveal to you the ,pet command! Passing a link to a pet through this command will display the pet image, as well as the extra information such as name, age, etc. Now you no longer have to click into the link to see the pet!

In other news, rather than having a massive block of text showing every command usage and example, and potentially reaching the text limit, I thought it would be better to have each commands’ help information to be placed into subcommands of help. This way you won’t have to search to find the command that you need!

Useful Pet Links


  • Added ,pet command
  • Added subcommands into ,help that displays command usage and examples

Command Usage

,pet <Pet URL>
,help <Command Name>